soup power

February 28th, 2012
I will attempt to refute the notions of money as wealth, and capitalism as a system of conquest, in this exposition that analogizes the ingredients of a soup for the complementary factors of production.   I attempted this draft in e-prime. Wealth makes… more »

overcoming tragedy on econtalk

February 24th, 2012
on the nobel prize-winning study of how people sometimes overcome the tragedy of the commons, pointing out how people are able to develop arrangements on their own for dealing with public goods. Elinor Ostrom, Vincent Ostrom, and the Bloomington School… more »

airline profits from carbon tax?

February 20th, 2012
So, airlines can profit from EU carbon tax?   I confess to some skepticism about the claim The rationale is less than convincing, that these profits accrue because the airlines can charge passengers for the cost by way of higher fares.  The idea harken… more »

Smith: Theory of Moral Sentiments, on econtalk

February 20th, 2012
This side project was a six part book club discussion of "The Theory of Moral Sentiments" (1759), which besides the Wealth of Nations (1776) is perhaps the most well known writings of 18th century economist Adam Smith (1723-1790) Theory of Moral Senti… more »

Boeing Examining 777-8LX Concept

February 14th, 2012
From my AIAA news feed this morning (2/14/2012) Flightglobal Pro (2/14, Ostrower) reports, "Boeing is exploring an ultra long-range replacement of the 777-200LR, conceptually dubbed the 777-8LX" that is "estimated to be a 14% to 16% improvement over th… more »

one of my favs

February 2nd, 2012
Groundhog Day has a couple points going for it out of the box - Bill Murray and Harold Ramis most importantly.  But Andi MacDowell is sincere and the rest of the ensemble cast give heartfelt and amusing performances.  Plus, the story is one for the ages. more »

on the perpetuation of ignorance

January 29th, 2012
One of my regular podcasts is The Skeptics Guide to the Universe, which features a "science or fiction" segment where the host tries to stump the panel to distinguish obscure science news items from roughly plausible science fictions, following up with… more »

College Bowls, 2011-12

December 11th, 2011
I watch more college football than the (formally) professional variety, so found myself reviewing the 2011-12 bowl schedule, which this season extends from the "Gildan New Mexico" to the "Allstate BCS National Championship Game". Between those limits, t… more »

problems with science

January 7th, 2011
Some things can look like science (e.g., be published in peer-reviewed journals) but still be subject to subtle procedural and statistical and other errors and biases that can call the results into question. I wouldn't say that this one event demands w… more »

the singularity on econtalk

January 3rd, 2011
The subject matter for this episode holds my interest, but the discussion ended with a stark and bleak dystopian vision that I originally had no interest in writing about (which writing here shows I changed my mind about that).  A couple interesting his… more »