Category: "WAR"

I completely oppose US war in Syria

April 13th, 2018
It could not be any more clear that this. more »

don't throw me in that briar patch

February 25th, 2014
Maybe an alternative of free trade, without entangling alliances, will promote the gradual restoration of peace and prosperity for all of us. more »

give peace a chance

September 11th, 2013
I'm willing to give it 60 years before once more going to war in the Middle East. more »

war agenda

September 9th, 2013
The President of The United States of America, Mr. Barack Obama, is trying hard to convince the American public, congress, and international politicians that prosecuting another war in the middle east is a good idea for peace and prosperity. more »

McCain would sneak us into another war

May 27th, 2013
It is striking how such hubris grows in the politically powerful, imagining that they can spend a few hours in a region that has suffered from conflict for decades, and come out with a clear notion on how and where and who to support in the civil conflict in Syria. more »

my two cents on a couple from Planet Money

May 16th, 2013
This note covers three recent episodes: The Lollipop War, the one that returns to their tee-shirt project, and the reprise of the cotton wars. more »

some history

March 10th, 2013
Roosevelt's Secret War, The Tycoons, Shattered Sword more »

Das Boot, Directors Cut

February 13th, 2013
I've never before seen a three+ hour movie go by so quickly, all the more significant by the film being in German and subtitled.  Suspense, action, and drama -- a war film that looked as harrowing and awful as I can imagine submarine operations to be. more »

An Honorable Defeat

February 4th, 2013
... a picture of the participants: Davis unwilling to see the reality of the southern defeat, Benjamin a sycophantic toady, and Breckinridge of one purpose - get the confederacy to admit defeat as soon as possible. more »

my 2012 election ballot - for president, Gary Johnson

October 21st, 2012
For the issues of the election, comparing Gary Johnson with either Mitt Romney or the incumbent Barack Obama quickly shows Johnson to offer significantly better policy stances across the spectrum, but I will focus on what seemed responsible for Barack Obama winning his first term in 2008 - war, the military, and foreign policy. more »