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Legal Tender and ISIS

January 8th, 2017
... the ISIS currency is coinage made from Gold, Silver and Copper; the trick of the matter is that ISIS now compels jewelers to purchase these coins, which must then be purchased by other people for them to pay the ISIS taxes ... more »


December 28th, 2012
I listen to a few podcasts, when I'm driving or walking around the city, doing laundry or working in the yard. Among them I find econtalk to be informative and engaging, due in part to the in-depth and calm discourse of the interview format between the diverse assortment of guests and host Russ Roberts. more »

gold on econtalk

June 2nd, 2008
These two episodes discuss gold standard alternatives to fiat money as currently handled by the Federal Reserve, the context of fractional reserve banking, Fed interest rate actions effect on the money supply, and related topics. The discussion of the B… more »