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The discussion reminds me of a thought I had when first reading Rand oh so many years ago, that the transfer of value in terms of ownership of those words was in the form of the book that I held in my hands. The Boldrin interview provided some support to that notion by making a distinction between an idea as represented by a concept in someone’s head compared to everything else required to make that idea available elsewhere - the book as the example from that memory.

It also made me think of some features of the engineering job I held for several years. The organization I was a part together submitted and received a couple hundred patents that deal with various novel aspects of the system design and operation. When we discussed licensing that technology I realized that the true value to all that work is how we managed to pull it all together to provide something that people would pay for - handing over rights to those patents would do someone very little good on their own, because there is so much time and energy required to detail the design and integration.

The Boldrin podcast also covers how copyright protections are being extended now to decades beyond the original creation.

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